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Georgia Boaters Face Tougher DUI Laws

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From my office, I can make it to one of several Lake Thurmond boat ramps in about 15 minutes. Although it seems these days I tend to work more and get to put my boat in the water less. Many folks will enjoy heading to area lakes and waterways over the upcoming summer months. However, all boaters should be aware that new boating under the influence restrictions recently went into effect in Georgia. The new law reduces the legal limit of intoxication for boaters from .10 to .08. This makes the limit for boating under the influence the same for automobile drivers over the age of 21.

Another portion of the new law raises the age requirement for a child to wear a life jacket while on the water from 10 to 13 years old.

The change in the law is in response to a series of high profile accidents taking place recently on Georgia waterways.

Department of Natural Resources officials report that there are approximately 200 boating under the influence cases each year in Georgia. Lowering the limit of intoxication to .08 will most certainly result in an increase in these cases this year. Be prepared and act responsibly to make sure you enjoy the summer boating season.

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